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WIX Cabin Filter

Delivering quality for 80 years

Eliminate the pollutants found in the air

WIX cabin filters can stop particles as small as 1 micron, 70 times smaller than the thickness of human hair. This ensures that most pollutants are trapped in the cabin filter. Let's clean the air inside your car with WIX cabin filter.

wix cabin air filter malaysia

What is a Cabin Filter?

The cabin filter purifies the air before it enters the cabin. This provides comfort to passengers whilst protecting against hay fever, eye irritation and ensure the driver can maintain a high level of concentration.

80 years of experience

WIX has 80 years of experience in air filtration. This manufacturer operates in 5 continents across 80 countries. Specialist in high quality filters for passenger cars and for all heavy machinery and equipment.

Microban® antimicrobial technology

WIX premium cabin air filters now incorporate Microban® antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of microbes by injecting and killing the cells.


Our new high-premium XP cabin air filters are built with Pur-Air™technology that filters out almost 100% of allergens like pollen and fine dust. They also absorb odours, gases and pollutants and protect against odour-causing bacteria and mould growth on the filter.

WIX Cabin Filter distributed by Gaido Malaysia

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