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Hydraulic clutch release bearing

Tighter control, better performance

Increased reliability and smoother operation

The Gaido Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing is a 100% all-new unit

Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing
Hydraulic clutch release bearing

What is the Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing?

The hydraulic clutch release bearing is a part of an automotive clutch system that temporarily disengages the engine from the manual transmission while shifting. The clutch engages or disengages the drive between the engine and the transmission to allow your car to pull away smoothly, to stop your car as well as to allow gear change without having to turn off the engine. It is also important because it determines the travel length of your clutch pedal.

Fits your car perfectly*

Gaido hydraulic clutch release bearings have been designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. They are high quality bearings for increased reliability and smoother operation.

More durable

Gaido Hydraulic clutch release bearings offer the utmost durability, resulting in a longer lifespan than other brands.

Hydraulic Clutch Release

Better control

Enables better control for your transmissions system.

About Gaido Hydraulic clutch release bearing

For more details about Gaido Hydraulic clutch release bearing, please contact our sales line today.