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Gaido Ribbed Belt

Component Kit

Lower fuel consumption

The Gaido Ribbed Belt is a high performance ribbed V-belt suitable for ancillary component drives in passenger cars and transporters. The belt is designed to maintain high performance under conditions of heavy vibrations. The synthetic rubber cords used in its construction are extremely resilient, contributing to improved belt performance and lower fuel consumption.

ribbed belt malaysia

Component Kit For All

Gaido component kit saves your time and reduce the cost. The high performance ribbed V-belt for drives in all conventional passenger cars.

Longer lifespan

Produced with Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) material which gives excellent resistance to ozone, chemical, and aging. Performs better than Chloroprene (CR) materials.

Operates quietly and smoothly

Even under conditions of dust, moisture and extreme temperatures, the Gaido Ribbed Belt provides secure and silent power transmission.