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Car spare parts specialist in Malaysia

Top car spare parts in Malaysia

Gaido, a trusted name in Malaysia for over 10 years. Gaido is one of the best known and most preferred brand in Malaysia car spare part market (automotive). Regardless the maker of the vehicle, you need a good quality spare parts to maintain your vehicle to the top condition.

When you are driving a car, safety is always the most important consideration. Gaido genuine parts are engineered for the drivers’ safety to ensure that they are durable and performed excellent. That’s why we provide as much as 3 years warranty for our products.

Our products including drive shaft, OAP, shock absorber, air filter and many more.

Gaido’s Promises

car part malaysia - amazing performance

With Gaido, you save while being safe. Top spare parts and auto parts quality guaranteed, used round the clock by 24hour taxis in Malaysia
Wheel Bearing

Gaido’s Technology

most advance auto part

High energy efficiency car spare parts and noise reduction properties even under the most extreme conditions
Malaysia Alternator

Gaido’s Warranty

spart part malaysia - 3 year warranty

We are now offering a 3-year warranty on Gaido Premium Timing Component Kit, which we believe is a Malaysia’s first.
Timing Belt Malaysia