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About Gaido

For That Perfect Drive

Gaido (M) Sdn Bhd, established in year 2005, specialized in automotive timing belts and covering a wide range of product for Malaysia car spare part market. Products including ribbed belts, fan belts, bearings, alternator, drive shaft, absorber, automotive air filter…..etc. Gaido officially launched its home brand timing belt in year 2005 with the aim of helping car owners who need to replace their timing belt that matches or exceeds the quality of the original manufacturer. We are confident on our products. Therefore we offer a 3-year warranty on Gaido Premium Timing Component Kit, where we believe it is world’s first longest quality assurance timing belt for automotive industry.

Founder – Mr. Lim Boon Hoe

Long before Mr. Lim Boon Hoe founded Gaido (M) Sdn Bhd, he began his career in Malaysia Bearing & Belt wholesale industry as early as 1996. Mr. Lim is now responsible for the company’s overall operation and business development strategies. He believes the key to success in business should be delivering truly reliable products that the manufacturer has 100% confidence in. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Mr. Lim aims to set a new standard of excellence in the automotive parts industry. It’s Mr. Lim’s vision to help every car owner experience a safer and more pleasurable drive.

Safer Always

Taking into consideration the many low quality timing belts (including imitation products) in the market, Gaido has instituted a system of fast SMS and online registration to ensure that each and every Gaido timing belt purchased is not only an original product, but also one that comes with a guarantee of quality. The Gaido team is continually upgrading the quality of its products, seeking new materials, technology, and know-how from Germany and Japan. The end result is a timing belt that gives improved performance through the harnessing of local expertise and capabilities to world-class resources and technologies.

Distributed by more than 600 dealers to 12,000 workshops

Gaido’s focus on consumer safety in developing a better timing belt has enjoyed an exceptional reception from consumers. Gaido products are now distributed by more than 600 dealers to 12,000 workshops throughout Malaysia.

“Top quality guaranteed. Used round the clock by 24hour taxis.”

Gaido’s effort in delivering timing belts of the highest standard for car owners has seen the company sold over 1.4 million set of timing component kit since it was introduced. It is also widely used by 24hour taxi services operators.

In line with Gaido’s commitment to ensure that every timing belt sold is a top quality product, Gaido announced in 2014 that Gaido Premium Timing Component Kit would come with a RM3,000 insurance-backed warranty that ensures indemnification in the unlikely event of a vehicle breaking down due to a fault in a Gaido timing belt.


Mr. Kenny, Cheras

Team Gymkhana Ultra Racing 2014

“ The quality is good and i trust Gaido. I will recommend to others.”

Mr. Zalal, Kelantan

Full confident with Gaido

“ I have full confidence and no complaint on the product. I feel safe with Gaido. ”

Mr. Kong Yong Sang, Selayang

Quality products from Gaido

“ Gaido’s product have quality and i have no worry on using it. ”

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